Identity / Graphic Design / Exhibition Design  -
Varaždin, Croatia 2008.


Multimedia Art exhibition “78%” is a specific project devoted to the issue of water and its perception in the world today. In graphic context visual identity was created in the form of visual code present in every aspect of the materials produced for the exhibition. Code consists of three elements representing aggregation states of  water, but also three major roles involved in the creation of the exhibition: the Author, Project and the Organization. In the logo of the exhibition these three elements visually  create schematic representation of the ice crystals. Special attention was devoted to sensory aspect of the materials used, for instance paper that feels  “wet” on touch. By using transparent papers in the catalogue, the reproductions would gradually appear in the same way as visitors could see them in the exhibition.

The exhibition took place in  the Croatian National Theatre, under the main stage. 

Exhibition was placed in dark circular room under the main stage, and had a lighting program enabling artwork to slowly appear in front of the visitor. Accent was put on the individual experience. Number of visitors coming to the exhibition space at same time was limited and the visitors were given ear-plugs in order to achieve truly personal experience of artwork. Although the subject of exhibition was water and the artist involved works with watercolours, the water was absent from artwork and the exhibition. The water in the human body was the only water present, which was the last message that would appear on the exhibition.




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